Is smoking pot linked to testicular cancer?

Before we analyze any links between smoking pot and testicular cancer, let us understand what is smoking pot. Actually this is slang for Cannabis. Smoking pot is to consume the flowers of the cannabis plants, by smoking it. Well, Actually testicular cancer is going to impact personal quality life; and also give more negative affects and stress to the whole family; side-effect is happened during treatment period; even losing your life by diagnosis as testicular cancer. So we have to cherish our health and life and try the best to avoid this tragedy.

A new study shown that men who had smoked marijuana were twice as likely as men who had not to get an aggressive form of the disease of testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men under age 45. It is also on the rise, says Scott Eggener, MD, a cancer surgeon at the University of Chicago who has studied the trend. He said “No one really knows why,” and added “Everyone suspects an environmental exposure, but it is difficult if not impossible to prove.”

Related survey and study It compared 163 men with testicular cancer to 292 healthy men who were about the same age and race. All the men in the study were between age 18 and 36 when they were diagnosed according to a new study published in the journal Cancer. However, men who said they have never smoked pot had less risk of aggressive testicular tumors comparing to men who had ever smoke it.

In animal studies, cocaine has “really devastating effects on the testicles,” says researcher Victoria Cortessis, MSPH, PhD, assistant professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC in Los Angeles. “They get smaller and smaller.” added he. “I do not think cocaine is protecting the cells from cancer. I think it’s more likely that it’s killing the cells and therefore they aren’t getting cancer.”

Perspective of men smoked pot Researchers caution that men who have smoked pot should not panic. Because the man will get testicular cancer disease is very slim to start with. According to the National Cancer Institute, about 1 in 400 white men were diagnosed with the disease by the age of 35. So even if you double the risk to 1 point out of 200, the chances of anyone are still low. Certainly, the study also does not prove that pot causes cancer.

In fact, the relationships discovered by researchers are not easy to explain. Men who are accustomed to smoking or quitting smoking have a higher risk of developing testicular cancer than current smokers or those who reported more use. Actually, Researchers do not think that smoking pot more is safer anyway.

Doctors are not sure why marijuana increases the risk of certain types of testicular cancer. It is known that the active ingredient THC in drugs destroys the hormone signal in the body. This may cause cells in the testes to embark on a path that is carcinogenic. More research is needed before researchers can say it. The bottom line, says Stephen M. Schwartz, PhD, MPH, an epidemiologist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, is that marijuana may not be as harmless a drug as some people think.

“The overall story is that there’s an increased risk in marijuana users,” says Schwartz, who was not involved in the research. “It’s particular to the kinds of testicular tumors that are the most aggressive and therefore the most likely to put a man’s life at risk.”