Special Chicken Cooking Way(II)

Original Recipe

Raw materials: fresh tender lotus leaves, enough yellow mud, live chicken, appropriate length of cotton thread.



  1. Live chickens, twist the necks without bleeding or plucking the features.square steel tubing for sale


  1. Open the back door as small as possible to remove the viscera and wash the lumen.


  1. According to personal taste, spices can also be applied in the cavity, but generally not, because the fragrance of the lotus leaves is easily robbed by the flavor of the spices.

  1. Yellow mud and some water are added to make viscous mud, and the chicken is covered with mud. It must penetrate into the root of features, and the surface is evenly smeared into an ellipsoid.


  1. Pack the mud’s ball with lotus leaves, wrap it tightly and tie it with cotton thread.


  1. Dig a pit on the ground and bury the mud’s ball. Fill the pit. The surface of the mud’s ball is 10 centimeters off the ground.


  1. Make a bonfire on it. Do not be too big to avoid uneven heating. When the fire goes out and cools naturally, dig out the chicken balls and break the mud on the surface of the chicken balls with a stone. Once pulled out, even the hair comes down. If there is not one left, it can be eaten.

Shanghai Tower(I)

Shanghai Tower, is very famous building in China. You may know the tower through its name Shanghai, is the one of the municipalities in China. It is one of the absolute core represents of economy and politics in Shanghai City, even in China. Let us concretely know this building,galvanized steel tubing suppliers

Basic information about Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is a super high-rise landmark skyscraper in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China. Its design height is higher than that of the nearby Shanghai Global Financial Center.

The project area of Shanghai Tower is 433,954 square meters. The main body of the building is 118 stories. The total height is 632 meters. The structure height is 580 meters. The parking spaces of motor vehicles are arranged underground and 2000 vehicles can be parked.

On November 29, 2008, the pile foundation of the main building of Shanghai Tower was started. On March 12, 2016, the building of Shanghai Central Building was officially completed.

In April 27, 2016, the “Shanghai center” held the launching ceremony of the builder’s honor wall and announced a trial run. On April 26, 2017, the “Top of Shanghai” sightseeing hall on the 118th floor of the building was officially opened to the public.

Good Architectural Colleges(I)

The architectural colleges send so many elites to buildings and architecture industry. They may help us to build splendid buildings after the students graduate from these architectural colleges. Well, there are a lot of famous architectural colleges around the world. By this time let us know them well.steel coil manufacturers

Bartlett School Of Architecture

Bartlett School of Architecture is affiliated to University College London (UCL). University College London is a world-renowned top school, and Bartlett School of Architecture is one of the most prestigious colleges of University College London and one of the world’s recognized top and most influential schools of architecture.

In 1841, University College London founded the School of Architecture, named after her original patron, Mr. Herbert Bartlett. Bartlett School of Architecture is the earliest architectural school in Britain. In the seven-year official RAE/REF academic evaluation published in 2014, UCL Bartlett College of Architecture ranked first in the research power.

Boston Architectural College

Boston Architectural College is an independent college of architecture. Boston College of Architecture offers undergraduate, masters and certificate courses in architecture-related disciplines, including architecture, interior design, landscape design and so on. In addition, the school also provides online courses to facilitate students’ learning.

Boston Architectural College is ranked 21st (2018) in the United States by Designintelligence, ranking the highest in the country at 9.

Simply Know About FTP Server(II)

There are different FTP applications based on different operating systems, and all of them follow the same protocol, so that the users can transfer their files to others or obtain files from other users’ environments.square steel tubing prices

Like most Internet services, FTP is also a client/server system. The user connects to the FTP server program on the remote host through a client program supporting FTP protocol. The users send commands to the server program through the client program. The server program executes the commands issued by the user and returns the results to the client. For example, a user sends a command that requests the server to send a copy of a file to the user. The server responds to this command and sends the specified file to the user’s machine.

Software Application

In the use of FTP, the users often encounter two concepts: “Download” and “Upload”. “Download” file is to copy files from the remote host to their own computer; the “upload” file is to copy files from their own computer to the remote host.

When using FTP, you must login first, and upload or download files only after you get the corresponding permissions on the remote host. That is to say, if you want to transfer files with which computer, you must have the appropriate authorization of which computer.

This situation violates the openness of the Internet. There are more than ten million FTP hosts on the Internet. It is impossible to require every user to have an account number (or ID) on every host. Anonymous FTP is designed to solve this problem.

News From Worldwide(II)

Nearly 1 million children benefit from school feeding project

This is also news from China. A school feeding program has spent 280 million yuan ($40.4 million) over the past 10 years, benefiting 9.36 million Chinese children from poor areas. The foundation was launched by the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation at the end of 2008 to help children in poor rural areas complete the protein intake necessary for daily life.

The foundation denoted it provided nearly 51 million daily supplements for students and established standardized canteens and dining rooms in rural schools. School feeding projects currently cover 14 provincial levels in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Xinjiang.Steel Tube Manufacturers

In the past 10 years, the project has raised about 310 million yuan in donations, 70% of which are public donations. The Foundation says the project also spent more than 32 million yuan at the end of June 2018 to help children in other countries, including Cambodia and Ghana.


The Development History of the Market Economy System (V)

The third phase

The third stage is the “national regulation market, market-oriented enterprises” from 1987 to 1992.

In October 1987, the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of China published a new theoretical summary of the socialist market mechanism on the basis of the planned commodity economy theory, stating: “The system of socialist planned commodity economy should be planned and the unified market-inherent system. The model of “national regulation of the market and market-oriented enterprises” proposed by the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is a major development of the theory of planned commodity economy. In this stage, the “market” has been occupied in the national economy. A considerable proportion has even begun to play a leading role in some areas.metal coil suppliers

The Fourth stage

The fourth stage was the establishment and construction of a “socialist market economic system” from 1992 to 2003.

In September 1988, in response to problems arising from economic overheating and inflation, the Third Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee decided to rectify and rectify in accordance with the principle of “governing the economic environment, rectifying the economic order, and comprehensively deepening reforms.” During this period, the reform has stagnated. The government has strengthened its administrative control over the economy, and its role in direct planning adjustment has been prominent.