The Current Key Point in China is to Improve the Innovative Education Quality (I)

Education is not only about providing people with employment and professional life skills, but also developing people’s innovative spirit, innovative consciousness and innovative ability. Combined with the current reality, it is recommended to seek breakthroughs in four aspects: innovation and entrepreneurship education, promoting the deep integration of digital technology and education and teaching, stimulating teachers’ enthusiasm, Mini Electric Scooter Manufacturer and improving university quality evaluation system.

For a country with a large population like China, it is not easy to fundamentally realize the upgrading of the higher education system from scale expansion to connotative development. From the “Qian Xuesen’s question” to today, the problem of China’s higher education is not strong, and it has always been a concern. One outstanding performance is that students’ innovation consciousness and innovative spirit are not strong. The level and structure of talent training in colleges and universities failed to adapt to the needs of the new round of economic and social development transformation in time. Cultivating innovative talents is a long-term, systematic project, and education (especially higher education) has fundamental or even decisive significance. Although outstanding innovative talents can hardly rely on ”teaching”, wrong or outdated education methods and systems are likely to ”kill” people’s creativity, which in turn affects the growth of innovative talents. We must profoundly understand the main problems of cultivating innovative talents in Chinese universities, starting with the transformation of educational methods, and finding a breakthrough in the deepening reform of higher education in the new era.

Now the higher education in China has from bigger to stronger, but the quality is not very good. China’s higher education system has achieved leapfrog expansion and transformation in the past few decades, and has become a veritable higher education country. Since the expansion of colleges and universities in 1999, the number of students has more than doubled. In 2016, the total number of colleges and universities in the school reached 36.99 million (including undergraduate students exceeded 16.13 million), accounting for 20% of the world’s total, ranking first in the world. In the same period, the number of colleges and universities increased from 1041 in 2000 to 2,596 in 2016. The gross enrollment rate of colleges and universities has reached 42.7%, which is higher than the global average.

With the university education from elite to popular, Mini Electric Scooter Suppliers China’s colleges and universities have stratified and classified tens of millions of specialized talents, providing continuous intellectual support and human resources protection for economic and social development. In the decade from 2005 to 2015, the cumulative number of undergraduate graduates reached 28.53 million, and the proportion of undergraduate graduates in the newly added urban employment increased from 22% to 47.2%, becoming the most important engine for China’s new human resources. In 2017, the average number of years of education for new labor in China has exceeded 13.3 years, basically reaching the average level of moderately developed countries. China has a greater contribution to global scientists and highly skilled personnel, and the OECD expects to reach 37% by 2030.

Amazon Gets $23m From Virginia Amid Intensive Protests

Protesters repeatedly shouted “Shame” as a northern Virginia County Council unanimously approved a $23 million reward program to encourage Amazon to build a new headquarters there. According to news media reports, Arlington County Council voted 5-0 on Saturday, after hours of intense public testimony.


From Supporters

Supporters say Amazon plans to build a large facility in Crystal City, which will generate tens of thousands of good jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue.


From Opponents

Opponents say the technology giant neither needs nor deserves public subsidies. 8 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult They also said that low-income residents would be driven out of their homes by rising rents.

About Amazon

In November, Amazon selected New York City and Crystal City as the winners of a secretive, year-long process in which more than 230 North American cities bid to become the home of the Seattle-based company’s second headquarters. Amazon abandoned its New York City plan last month because politicians and activists were angry about the company’s tax cuts and its anti-union stance.


“This vote today is about racial justice,” Danny Cendejas, a member of the La ColectiVA advocacy group, said, according to WRC-TV. “We have been talking to folks in communities of color, immigrant communities. We have been hearing consistently the concerns about gentrification.”


The Washington Post reported that in response to concerns about increased rents, traffic congestion and school overcrowding, board chair Christian Dorsey said: “I am confident we can manage those impacts.”


Amazon plans to create at least 25,000 jobs in suburban Washington in 12 years. Virginia has approved a $750 million corporate incentive plan.


Washington resident Chris otten shouted that voting should not be allowed and shouted dirty words at a participant who supported Amazon, who he said had cursed him. This prompted police and security personnel to take Otten away, screaming as he was taken away. Then he was accused of disrupting order and misconduct.

The Knowledge about Mexico’s Ancient Civilization(I)


Olmec civilization is the oldest known America civilization. It existed about from 1200 BC to 400 BC and located in the south selva of Mexico. Olmec was famous as the big head statue.

The Olmec civilization was born around the 1200 BC in the tropical jungles of the San Lorenzo highlands of Central America. San Lorenzo was the center of the early Olmec civilization, and after about 300 years of prosperity,steel pipes manufacturers it was devastated by violence around 900 BC. The center of the Olmec civilization then moved to La Venta near the Gulf of Mexico. The Olmec civilization eventually disappeared around 400 BC and was replaced by the love of Olmec culture. The specific reasons for its disappearance are unknown, but it affects a large number of Central American civilizations. Most scholars believe that the Olmec civilization is the mother body of civilizations such as Maya, Zapotek and Teotihuacan. But others believe that the relationship between the Olmec civilization and other Central American civilizations is a sister relationship.