The Knowledge about Mexico’s Ancient Civilization(I)


Olmec civilization is the oldest known America civilization. It existed about from 1200 BC to 400 BC and located in the south selva of Mexico. Olmec was famous as the big head statue.

The Olmec civilization was born around the 1200 BC in the tropical jungles of the San Lorenzo highlands of Central America. San Lorenzo was the center of the early Olmec civilization, and after about 300 years of prosperity,steel pipes manufacturers it was devastated by violence around 900 BC. The center of the Olmec civilization then moved to La Venta near the Gulf of Mexico. The Olmec civilization eventually disappeared around 400 BC and was replaced by the love of Olmec culture. The specific reasons for its disappearance are unknown, but it affects a large number of Central American civilizations. Most scholars believe that the Olmec civilization is the mother body of civilizations such as Maya, Zapotek and Teotihuacan. But others believe that the relationship between the Olmec civilization and other Central American civilizations is a sister relationship.