Special Chicken Cooking Way(II)

Original Recipe

Raw materials: fresh tender lotus leaves, enough yellow mud, live chicken, appropriate length of cotton thread.



  1. Live chickens, twist the necks without bleeding or plucking the features.square steel tubing for sale


  1. Open the back door as small as possible to remove the viscera and wash the lumen.


  1. According to personal taste, spices can also be applied in the cavity, but generally not, because the fragrance of the lotus leaves is easily robbed by the flavor of the spices.

  1. Yellow mud and some water are added to make viscous mud, and the chicken is covered with mud. It must penetrate into the root of features, and the surface is evenly smeared into an ellipsoid.


  1. Pack the mud’s ball with lotus leaves, wrap it tightly and tie it with cotton thread.


  1. Dig a pit on the ground and bury the mud’s ball. Fill the pit. The surface of the mud’s ball is 10 centimeters off the ground.


  1. Make a bonfire on it. Do not be too big to avoid uneven heating. When the fire goes out and cools naturally, dig out the chicken balls and break the mud on the surface of the chicken balls with a stone. Once pulled out, even the hair comes down. If there is not one left, it can be eaten.

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