Very Famous Sport Brands Around The World(III)

Puma – Germany

PUMA was founded in 1948 in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Its founder, Rudolf Dassler, joined his younger brother Adolf Dassler (nicknamed Adi) in Dassler in Herzogenaurach in 1924 and renamed the shoe factory as Dassler Brothers.Steel Pipe Suppliers

Reebok – British

In 1895, Joseph Foster, the founder of Reebok, was an English sprinter. He hoped to have a pair of running shoes with nails, but because of his lack of financial resources and resources at that time, he made a pair of “Foster running shoes” named after himself.

In 1900, Foster further improved his technology and established his own business, providing handmade running shoes for local sports fans. The news was widely spread. This kind of running shoes was generally accepted and occupied a leading position in the market. This kind of “Foster” nail shoes has brought a historic change to sprinting, which lasted for 50 years.

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