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Huawei denying the charges and disappointing with the charges

Huawei responded to the U.S. Justice Department’s accusation: we deny the charges and disappoint with the charges.

In the early morning of January 29, Beijing time, the U.S. Department of Justice announced charges against Huawei, its subsidiaries and their vice-chairmen and chief financial officer, Ms. Meng, claiming that a request for the extradition of Ms. Meng would be submitted to Canada. In response, Huawei responded as follows:tin plate suppliers

We are very disappointed with the allegations made by the US government against Huawei today. After Ms. Meng’s arrest in Canada, Huawei tried to discuss with the Justice Department the investigation into the East Side of New York, but it was rejected without giving any reason. Before the settlement, the Seattle jury also ruled that Huawei had no compensation and that Huawei had no subjective malice.

Huawei denies that its subsidiaries or affiliates have committed various charges of violating U.S. law in the indictment, and is unaware of any misconduct by Ms. Meng. Huawei believes that American courts will eventually come to the same conclusion.


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