Iron Fence

Iron fence Panels is an iron or steel fence constructed through artistic design. According to the different materials used can be divided into barbed wire fence, electric fence, wood pile fence, bio fence, wire mesh fence, ditch fence, earth wall fence, stone wall fence, willow bar fence, PVC fence, cement fence, etc.

Basic information

Iron fence. The material is strong and durable, stable performance, strict production process, beautiful and generous shape, showing the comfort of noble life.
Material: low carbon steel pipe, iron pipe
Road fence main products are: iron outdoor fence, balcony guardrail, iron anti-theft windows, iron furniture, iron decorative boutique, a variety of styles, available for your choice, steel structure engineering net iron fence
Common materials are: 38X25X1.5MM square pass, 30X30X1.5MM square pass, 20X20X1.5MM square pass, 14X14 square steel, 14X4MM flat iron, 20X4 flat iron and other prices in 280 ~ 450 special requirements need to add money, such as plastic dipping, galvanized
Installation distance: 1.76m (medium to medium)

Iron art value

Art is priceless. The design cycle, selection of materials, processing difficulties, man-hours and other costs of iron art are not the value and price of iron art in the general sense. We still advocate and encourage Chinese iron art artists to develop more iron art works with heirloom and collection value.

The collection value of iron art lies in its unique iron art culture. Its cultural connotation is enduring, has a strong heirloom and value retention, has the irreplaceable value of other art materials, and can withstand the test of time.

It is its own metal material texture and deformation process of special quality, decided its heavy, simple, masculine and feminine, extremely rich in classical noble atmosphere and affinity, pleasant mood, gentle and elegant cultural atmosphere swept through it. It or dark steel luster, or soft curved curve, or simple lines, or deliberate vicissitudes of rust, are attracting more and more people’s favor.

Iron art has many advantages, delight the original vicissitudes of iron art’s natural beauty, appreciating its manual hand-forged hammer marks rather than industrial machine marks. Iron ore can only become more and more scarce. The more primitive and traditional it is, the more valuable it is.

Industrialized production can not replace all handmade, iron products only handmade to have vitality.
Because some complex shapes and rich humane, personalized works, relying on the machine is not made.

An industrial mold can be hundreds of thousands of products, and each hand-made iron works, it can only be a solitary product, there is no second piece. Humans can use machines to manufacture iron art, to assist designers to complete personalized works, but can never be separated from the hand. Iron art needs design, and the master craftsman can play the design, into the re-creation.

Therefore, the “gold content” of a piece of iron art, in addition to the basic length of time, material, thickness, in addition to the main look at its design aesthetic content and hand-made wisdom of the amount of condensation, to see it is a commodity or art.