Laser Engraving And Cutting Machines From Universal Laser Systems

Using laser cut plastic is very common in manufacturing industry. It is convenient to create a complex laser cutting pattern on a plastic objects with a smooth, elegant cutting result. Nowadays more and more plastic manufacturers prefer this kind cutting method to create their products. As the improvement of environmental consciousness, there has more and more paper packing in packaging industry.

One of the reasons for the mass use of this technology is the fact that today it is the most economical cutting option that is becoming more advanced. Through various types of improvements in laser technology – the quality, as well as the economy of cutting materials, are improved. These are melting laser cutting, oxygen laser cutting, and evaporation laser cutting.

Whether you are in the industry offast fashion,sportswearortechnical textiles, the L Series serves as a perfect laser cutting system optimised for textile cutting. High production laser tube cutting machines cut round, rectangular, square or other standard tube profiles to satisfy a range of tube cutting needs. Use this machine to create 3D wood art pieces made from softwood panels or to add carvings on wood panels intended for walls, floors, and trims. The FOM2 RI 3015 is engineered to include an innovative Rotary Index with the power and speed to efficiently cut mid to thick materials.

You’ll want to pop the work bed out regularly to get rid of any debris, and keep all the moving bits lubed. There’s more to keeping a laser cutter working well than say, an inkjet printer. Beam Studio is super straightforward, but darn powerful for a free companion app.

cutting galvanized steel sheet

When it hits the workpiece, the material heats up to the extent that it melts or vaporizes. In this process, the whole laser power is concentrated on one point, with a diameter that is often less than half a millimeter. If more heat is introduced into this area than can dissipate through heat conduction, the laser beam will penetrate the material entirely – the cutting process has begun. While other processes involve applying large-scale tools with enormous power to the sheet metal, the laser beam completes its task without any contact. In this way, the tool does not incur wear, and no deformities or damage to the workpiece occur.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the laser cutting machine manufactured by the above brands. I believe that many people will be troubled by the choice when purchasing a laser cutting machine. Along with this, various laser cutting machine brands have sprung up.