Diaphragm filter press main model: X800-X2000 diaphragm filter press

At the end of the feeding process, the filter cake is pressed through the diaphragm to reduce the moisture content of the cake, which not only shortens the filtration cycle but also improves the working efficiency. The diaphragm filter press produced by “Xinyuan” has the advantages of high pressing pressure and long diaphragm life. The press medium is divided into gas and liquid.


In the late stage of filtration, the filtration efficiency is extremely low, but with the diaphragm press function, the process can be completed in a very short time and the efficiency is greatly improved.

The diaphragm press function allows the process to be completed in a very short time, saving power consumption.

The diaphragm press presses the filter cake at the end of the static filtration process, resulting in the rearrangement of the structure of the filter cake and an increase in density, which displaces some of the water and increases the dryness.

● Shorten the filtration cycle and increase the handling capacity of the filter press.

Suitable for filtering materials that require disassembly of the filter cloth for cleaning at the end of each filtration.


● Adopt hydraulic pressure, the maximum pressing pressure is 14MPa, and the pressure is automatically maintained with an electric contact pressure gauge.

● The maximum filtering pressure is 0.5MPa, ensuring Filter Press the best conditions for forming filter cakes for pressurised filtration.

● Simple operation, easy maintenance and equipped with various safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator.

Filtration area: 10-80 square metres

The high-efficiency diaphragm quick-open filter press produced by the filter press adopts the form of servo motor-driven pulling plates, pulling 4-6 filter plates in each group, unloading the cake quickly, reducing the auxiliary time and improving the working efficiency.

The high-pressure diaphragm press system allows for secondary mechanical dewatering of the filter cake, resulting in a drier filter cake.


● Automatic high pressure filter cloth flushing with high pressure and clean flushing.

● Enclosed brush design with remarkable brushing effect, confining the rinsing water to the rinsing area and reducing the amount of water leaking out.

● High pressure flushing at close range, overcoming water pressure loss and saving energy.

● All stainless steel construction, good corrosion resistance, beautiful and practical.

● The flushing system is relatively independent, saving operating space.

● Combined with the flap mechanism, the flushing water can be recycled and reused after treatment, saving resources.

● Combined with the diaphragm press system, a lower water content can be obtained.

● Assembly type frame, compact structure, easy to disassemble and transport.

Applicable industries.

● Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment

● Suitable for industries that require a high degree of automation for their filter presses

Wort filtration is a key process in the preparation of wort in beer production. In recent years, as people’s requirements for the taste and shelf life of beer have increased, so have the requirements of breweries for wort filtration indicators. With the constant updating of production technology and equipment, this process is required to be completed in the shortest possible time and to maximise the yield of saccharification while ensuring the quality of the filtered wort, the whole process being carried out under airtight and oxygenated conditions, thus placing higher demands on wort filtration equipment.


● Suitable for use in flammable and explosive filtration sites.

● Explosion-proof electric control box adopts composite or integral structure, and the electric control box adopts explosion-proof structure.

● PLC control, various local operations and remote control can be realized with the DCS central control room.


● Overhanging beam design, the pull plate mechanism is placed inside the overhanging beam, and the transmission unit is separated from the filter unit, which fundamentally prevents the material from corroding the transmission system and is suitable for the filtration of corrosive materials.

● Automatic high-pressure scouring filter cloth system with high-pressure water jets between the double-layer brushes, no splashing and thorough cleaning.

The filter cloth is easy to change after the filter plate is suspended, and it is easy to check and discharge the cake more smoothly.

● Equipped with PLC control system and human-machine interface, easy to operate and high degree of automation.